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MAST /\\\ - Omniverse; Verse 2_ 

Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release: June 23rd 2015

MAST releases the second in a series of conceptual EP's titled "Omniverse; Verse 2" on Alpha Pup Records. This following the release of "Verse 1" in late 2014 and his highly acclaimed 2014 debut LP "Omni" which featured Anna Wise (Sonnymoon, Kendrick Lamar), Jeremiah Jae (Brainfeeder/Warp) and Low Leaf. 

The "Omniverse" series unfolds with multiple EP's or "Verses".  Each "Verse" is conceptually, thematically and sonically connected creating one massive thru-composed sonic Universe, or in this case a compositional "Omniverse". "Verse 2" is ripe with lush sonic landscapes of acoustic and electronic elements with themes inspired by Quantum Physics, Space/Time Travel, Astral Bodies and Miles Davis. The Mast periodic table includes guitar, Fender Rhodes keyboard, rich synths, heavy bass and jarring beats, all performed by MAST aka Tim Conley at his Los Angeles studio.  

MAST /\\\
Omniverse; Verse 2 - EP


1. The Multiverse 
2. The Polytetrahedron
3. Miles behind Agharta
4. The Omniverse
5. Apollo11/ Luna pt.2
6. Mother Earth Yields to NoMa(n)(d) 


Mastered: Daddy Kev | Cosmic Zoo, Los Angeles, CA
Release Date: June 23rd, 2015 |  Alpha Pup Records

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