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MAST /\\\ - John Coltrane: Meditations EP

Release: September 26th 2012

MAST releases an audacious new EP reinterpreting John Coltrane's entire 1965 album "Meditations". Inspired and dedicated to the life and music of John Coltrane, the compositions consist of samples, loops and sounds from the 1965 record carefully selected and reformed with added electronic and acoustic elements. Although MAST, an accomplished instrumentalist, says the process was more about "being creative with cutting up the original recorded material then adding extra instrumentation", he did record subtle guitar, bass, cello and violin. MAST also called on renowned saxophonist and friend Elliot Levin(Cecil Taylor, Marshall Allen/SunRa) who contributes a spoken word piece on the track "Love". 

The original album, released in 1966, is one of the last Coltrane recorded before his death and was well into his Avant Free Jazz period. "Meditations" is one of many statements by Coltrane revealing his devout spirituality and deep philosophy on sound. It is also the final album Coltrane recorded with arguably the greatest jazz quartet of all time consisting of Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. In addition "Meditations" also features Pharaoh Sanders and Rashied Ali. 

For MAST this reinterpreted EP honors not only the music and mastery of Coltrane's art but also the devotion and discipline he had in life and willingness to push sonic boundaries. 

Track List: 
1. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost 
2. Compassion 
3. Love (featuring spoken word Elliot Levin) 
4. Consequences 
5. Serenity 

released September 26, 2012

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